Sprint Mogul™ by HTC PPC-6800

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Sprint Mogul™ by HTC PPC-6800

"HTC Brings the Goods: The Sprint Mogul is Here" Gizmodo.com The Mogul packs the power of Windows Mobile® 6, Microsoft® Office, e-mail, Internet multimedia into a remarkably slim, solutions-focused device. Leave the laptop at home—gives you the power to work and play when and where you want to. Stay connected Access your corporate and personal e-mail. Use your phone as a wireless broadband modem for your PC. Reach people quickly using voice dialing and smart dialing. Send text and picture messages wherever you go. Leave the laptop behind Edit Microsoft OfficeWord and Office Excel documents and view Office PowerPoint presentations and PDFs. Experience broadband-like download speeds with the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network. Keep instantly updated calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes at your fingertips. Enter text more easily using the QWERTY keyboard. Stay productive longer with superior battery life. Mix pleasure with business Take and send high-resolution photos. Record, play, and send videos and enjoy your favorite music. Download thousands of games and applications. Easily transfer documents and multimedia files from your PC to your phone. Use a microSD memory card to store hundreds of documents, videos, pictures, and songs. Highlights Windows Mobile 6 gives you the power of Microsoft Office and thousands of other business Sprint Mobile Broadband enables you to download rich media content and view large attachments Slide-out QWERTY keyboard ...

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